Welcome to the North Lincolnshire Green Party forum!

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Welcome to the North Lincolnshire Green Party forum!

Post by Laura Atkin (Admin) on Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:43 pm

Admin Notice

This forum is for all members and supporters to discuss anything and everything green!

This is the only post which is visible without registering/logging in as a user. Once you have logged in you will have full access to the forum and be able to view posts/comment - please only register if you are a member or a supporter of North Lincolnshire Green Party. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. All content is private but at the moment, anyone can register to become a user. If I notice that the site is being used by spammers/trolls then I will change the registration process to allow for stricter moderation. When you register, please use your full name.

There are a couple of rules which we kindly ask you to follow; please ensure that you are always respectful to other users and that you don't use any offensive language. All discussions must be related directly/indirectly to the Green Party, Green Politics and sub-groups supported by NLGP or our members. Most of all, please enjoy using the forum! Very Happy

When posting, please ensure that you post in the correct thread relating to the topic your post. If there isn't already a thread available for a specific topic, please create one. There is a separate thread for 'Events' so please ensure all events are posted there and not in other threads.

Please note that at the moment this forum is free so from time to time you may see adverts. North Lincolnshire Green Party doesn't have control over what adverts are shown. Once we know how well received the forum is, we may look at paying to remove the adverts in the future. The terms of service shown are those of the site owner and not North Lincolnshire Green Party.

If you require any support, please don't hesitate to contact me on laura.atkin@greenparty.org.uk Smile

Best wishes,

Laura Atkin
Coordinator for North Lincolnshire Green Party

Laura Atkin (Admin)

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